Substance Wallet is a personal venture that I embarked on in 2016, dedicating my spare time to it while exploring the use of CNC technology and woodworking out of sheer passion.

The initial spark for this inspiring idea arose from my dissatisfaction with traditional leather or fabric wallets, which often resulted in bent credit cards. I sought a solution that offered both rigidity and a more natural, personalized touch, steering clear of mass-produced plastic card holders available in the market.

Thus, the inspiration took hold, and I began sketching. The early drafts were rougher and slightly larger than the final product. In my quest, I experimented with materials like Ayous and beech for prototyping, but the former proved too delicate, while the latter didn’t align with my preferences. As time went on, I delved deeper into the design process, considering hand ergonomics and grip. I incorporated a curved shape that comfortably accommodates the thumb and introduced a recess that proves handy for propping up a smartphone at a convenient angle when needed momentarily. Sustainability also became a crucial aspect of the project.

To source suitable wood, I turned to suppliers of sustainable forest parquet, aiming to give discarded remnants a second chance. These wood scraps, deemed unfit for flooring due to imperfections or damage in certain areas, found purpose in my creations.

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